About Impact RIT

Impact change one project, one event, and one dream at a time

Impact RIT is more than fundraising – it's a catalyst for transformative impact. Fostering groundbreaking projects, and igniting innovation in clubs and athletics, it fuels dreams that shape the future. Together, through collective giving, we forge a path of progress, empowering bold ideas to take flight. Each dollar raised leaves a lasting mark on the lives of those touched by the RIT experience. With Impact RIT, we become architects of change, where ingenuity knows no bounds.

The heartbeat of RIT thrives on the spirit of collaboration. Impact RIT empowers students, faculty, staff, and alumni to unite and bring their visions to life. From class projects to club events and other university-approved activities, it provides a platform for aspirations to soar. By tapping into personal connections and outreach, small contributions from a vast community create an unstoppable wave of impact. This program fosters innovation and engagement within the RIT community.

Impact RIT is crowdfunding, but what is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding draws together a diverse audience united by a shared vision. At its core, Impact RIT is more than just digital fundraising; it's about forging genuine connections. It thrives on sharing personal stories, inspiring compassion that transcends virtual boundaries. The success of a project rests not solely on monetary goals, but on the ability to ignite passions and stir souls. It's an orchestra of collaboration, where the conductor is not a single leader but a team empowered to amplify their message and achieve their shared goals. Through social media exposure and personal engagement, each click, each share, and each heartfelt gesture becomes a note in a powerful symphony of impact to bring a project, a passion, a dream to life.

Impact RIT is a program for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to fundraise for their RIT-related expenses associated with class projects, club events, and other approved university activities. This university-supported program provides the tools and training to harness the power of crowdfunding, today’s most powerful online fundraising technology.

Criteria and Guidelines

Who is eligible to fundraise for a project on Impact RIT?

Project leaders and teams must be directly affiliated with RIT, including students, faculty, staff, and alumni. RIT encourages the use of crowdfunding as a valuable way to promote RIT and its educational and non-profit activities and to engage partners from a broader online community with RIT.

How can I get my project funded with Impact RIT?

Teams interested in launching a digital fundraising campaign must 1) review the campaign eligibility requirements and 2) submit an online application

We will review applications on a rolling basis and notify you of your project's status. Approved projects will undergo a two-to-four-week campaign development period. Impact RIT campaigns are typically 30 days in length with funding goals of $2,000 - $10,000. In that time, project teams will leverage their personal and professional networks through email and social media to raise the necessary funding to reach their goal.

Participants must adhere to these guidelines so that tax-deductible funds raised can be legally received by RIT according to its Gift Acceptance Policy. RIT staff, faculty, and students should remember there are significant potential tax and liability issues for requestors if they choose to engage in Impact RIT activities that are not conducted consistent with these guidelines, and if gifts cannot be received on a tax-deductible basis by RIT.

Impact RIT is administered through RIT University Advancement. Any questions should be directed, in advance, to impact@rit.edu

Rochester Institute of Technology FAQ

Is my gift tax-deductible?

RIT, under IRS law, qualifies as a charitable and tax-exempt organization. If you make a charitable gift to RIT, you may take an income tax deduction. Under current law, contributions to charitable organizations are tax deductible only for taxpayers who itemize. When a donor receives an item of value in exchange for their gift, the total value of the item(s) received may potentially reduce the charitable deduction available. For itemizers, such donations generally reduce taxable income and, therefore, federal income tax liability. RIT recommends you consult with a tax advisor when attempting to claim a charitable deduction. For more information, please visit the IRS website.

Will I receive a gift receipt?

Yes, you will receive an email receipt shortly after you complete your gift. Please keep this for your records. If you have any questions or issues with the email receipt, please contact giving@rit.edu.

When will my credit card be charged?

Immediately after finalizing your gift on the site.

Is there a minimum gift amount?

Yes, the minimum is $5. 

Can I send a gift by mail?

Gifts made via cash or check may be counted towards a group or project and their fundraising total as long as the funds are received before the end of the online campaign and it is clear that these funds are intended to go towards that specified group or project. Checks made payable to RIT may be sent to: Rochester Institute of Technology, University Advancement, P.O. Box 92765, Rochester, NY 14692-8865. Please indicate the fund name in the memo section of your check or include a note with information about how you wish to direct your gift. NOTE: To receive a Happy 195th Birthday "party hat", gifts must be made online via the platform.

Still have questions?

Contact us at 800-477-0376 or impact@rit.edu.

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